Контрольная работа по английскому языку беплатно.
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Преобразуйте действительную конструкцию в страдательную:
She showed him the way to the metro station. -   He was showed the way to the metro station
He will introduce me to his friends. - I will be introduced to his friends
They are building a bridge over the river. - A bridge over the river is being built
I haven’t yet translated the article. - The article has not been yet translated  
We were looking at the man with great surprise. - The man was being looked at with great surprise
You will speak about the film at the lesson. - The  film will be spoken about at the lesson
The headmistress sent for the pupil’s parents. -  The pupil’s parents were sent by the headmistress

Преобразуйте прямую речь в косвенную:
1. He says: “I will come to see you next Sunday”. - He says he will come to see me next Sunday 
2. She said: “My best friend is a doctor”. - She said her best friend was a doctor
3. He said: “ I have a good camera”. - He said he had a good camera
4. He asked me: “Where are you going?” - He asked me where I was going 
5. My uncle said: “ I have just come back from Caucasus”. -  My uncle said he had just come back  from Caucasus
6. She asks me: “Where is the post office?” - She asks me where the post office is
7. Mother told us: “ Don’t touch it”. - Mother told us not to touch it


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