Решение задач по финансовой математике на английском языке, Апрель 2014
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1. After paying interest quarterly at the rate of (.05, m=2) on a debt of $20000, the remainder of an annual payment of $2000 is placed in a sinking fund. The amount in the fund just after the 5th deposit is exactly sufficient to liquidate the debt.
(a) at what rate of interest is the sinking fund being accumulated?
(b) set up a schedule showing the progress of the sinking fund.
2. What should be the purchase price of a $1,000, 5% bond, dividends payable annually, to be redeemed in 10 years at 110, if the investment rate is to be 6% convertible annually?
3. A syndicate wishes to purchase an oil well which, estimates indicate, will produce a net income of $20000 per year for 30 years. What should the syndicate pay for the well if, out of this net income, a return of 10% on the investment is desired and a sinking fund is to be established at 3% interest to recover this investment?
4. A section of city pavement costs $50,000. Its life is 25 years. Find the amount of money required to build it now and to replace it every 25 years, indefinitely, if money is worth 4% converted annually.
5. Find the net annual premium on a twenty payment life policy of $5,000 for your age at nearest birthday. ( 20  years old)

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