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Контрольная работа по английскому языку
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Complete all seven sections. There are one hundred marks in total.
Complete this table.
financial analyst
(2)____________ manager
(5)_________ ___representative
(7)_____________ director

9    All sales staff get a __________ at Christmas and it doesn’t matter how much they sell.
    a) loyal    b) bonus    c) pay
10    ___________ people are self-employed.
    a) A lot of     b) A bit of    c) Substantial
11    The organisational ____________ in our company is like a pyramid.
    a) status    b) subordinate    c) hierarchy
12    If the phone rings, we’ll ____________ it.
    a) avoid    b) admit    c) ignore
13    I like ___________ meetings where everyone is relaxed.
    a) unformal    b) informal    c) disformal
14    Our market ____________ has fallen by 3% this year.
    a) place    b) share    c) leader
15    I’ll meet you __________ Monday 1st.
    a) on    b) at    c) in
16    You need to cut your spending. We’re on a really ___________ budget.
    a) finance    b) tight    c) borrow
17    Local companies need a _____________ attitude to doing business abroad.
    a) stable    b) positive    c) strong
18    I got my first job with the company on their graduate trainee ___________.
    a) placement    b) location    c) scheme
19    You’ll need to _____________ an interview after you apply.
    a) invite    b) attend    c) wait
20    After university I had to pay off my ____________.
    a) debts    b) accounts    c) discounts
21    Many online banks are trying to protect customers from __________ and theft.
    a) premiums    b) claims    c) fraud
22    I’ve asked three times for my money back but they still refuse to give me a ___________.
    a) return    b) satisfaction    c) refund
23    The Just-in-time consultants say we need to reduce the ____________ in our warehouses.
    a) stocks    b) resources    c) shares

Write the word in brackets in the correct form.
24    He still ___________ (work) for a company based in Chile.
25    It’s arranged. We ___________ (fly) to Beijing next Tuesday at three.
26    I’m sorry but I really ___________ (must) go now. I have a meeting.
27    The new model is slightly ___________ (cheap) than its main competitors.
28    She works ____________ (efficient) and deserves a pay rise.
29    Norway has some of the ___________ (great) reserves of energy in Europe.
30    Aisha ___________ (leave) the company in 1978 to start her own business.
31    They __________ definitely __________ (finish) this by tomorrow.
32    How nice to see you! How long ___________ you ___________ (stay)?
33    Please __________ (turn) off the lights when you leave.
34    Recently, there ______________ (be) a drop in unemployment figures.
35    All the textiles we sell _____________ (manufacture) in Vietnam and Cambodia now.
36    If I’m not in the office when you call, my colleague  __________(take) a message.
37    They ____________ (use) the products, if they didn’t work here.


Sentences a to l are taken from four different articles. Group the sentences together in the correct order under the headline below.

We know where you are.

Modern office workers are rude

The new target market

Pay less for more or more for less?

a)    They’re currently worth £13 billion and no company should ignore them.
b)    Examples of their rudeness include ignoring colleagues and answering phones during meetings.
c)    We read a lot about companies watching employees use of internet and private email.
d)    Advances in production and distribution have caused this.
e)    But did you also know that when you turn on your mobile phone, a phone company can monitor your calls?
f)    No, they aren’t grey consumers or the rich executives. They’re students.
g)    Prices have fallen in the food business for the last ten years.
h)    A new survey claims that employees in the twenty first century are more bad-mannered than workers in the last century.
i)    But the question is now, how far can the industry continue down this road and are consumers prepared to start paying more?
j)    They can even discover your location.
k)    Now some organisations are training their staff to be polite.
l)    And as one marketer points out, ‘they may be poor now but they are the high-earners of the future.’


Complete the phrases with the words below.

Would /Are / What / How / Does / Can
Let’s / Why / Who / Did / Is / Don’t

50    ____________ you like to join us for lunch?
51    ____________ do you do in your job?
52    ____________ you repeat that?
53    ____________ you say thirty or thirteen?
54    ____________ it OK to smoke in here?
55    ____________ can use your product?
56    ___________ about putting an advert on the website?
57    ____________ you free for dinner next week?
58    ____________ say ten o’clock?
59    ____________ not invite the press to the launch?
60    ____________ you think we should ask him?
61    ____________ anyone have an opinion on that?

Read this email. Each line (62-68) has one extra word. Delete the word.
Dear Mr Folds
(62) Thanks you very much for the website text.
(63) Unfortunately, it is rather long at present so that I am
(64) writing to ask if you can cut it down to the 100 words.
(65) In my experience, users are not very so happy to read
(66) anything over this length. I’d would be grateful if
(67) you could send for me the new text by Friday.
(68) Let me to know if this is a problem.
Best regards


Track 7
Shane receives a phone call. Complete his notes below. Listen twice.

Date: 5th May Time: 2.15
(69)____________ Zawadski from Fortuna called.
Her company ordered (70)________________________.
We sent (71)_________________ and charged them in the (72)________________.
They’ve paid us by (73)________________________
She wants us to (74)____________________________
I promised I’ll ask the (75)___________________ to collect (76)__________________.

Track 8
Listen to someone describing a problem. Tick the best answers. Listen twice.
77    The company decided to…
    a) recruit more staff.    b) make a difficult decision.    c) give training.
78    As a result, staff…
    a) work every week.    b) have one or two days off.    c) know what’s happening in the shop.
79    All staff received…
    a) more money    b) a bonus    c) money for staying
80    The company has more
    a) staff    b) customer service    c) regular customers

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